What's for Lunch? Here's how to get more munch for less bucks using food delivery apps

No one wants to pack their lunch for work every day. Other times, you realize you’ve left it sitting on the counter when you’re heading to the breakroom. Let’s not forget the times when you’re on deadline and there’s no time to run out to get something either. You could rummage through your bag in hopes that you’ll find enough change for the vending machine, or you could get yourself a real lunch that helps you power through the rest of the day. When you’re hungry, the obvious answer is to go for something good for lunch.

That’s why more and more hard-working Americans are turning to food delivery apps to make the most of their lunch break. With a few quick taps on their phone, lunch is on its way from fast food nearby to fast casual, or even your favorite sit-down restaurant. Office workers once had to rely on a stack of outdated menus shoved under the reception desk to select from Chinese or pizza mostly. Now with food delivery apps, it makes ordering lunch quick and easy from many more places nearby and allows you to do it without wasting time on going there to pick it up.


There’s more options too so you can even find sushi, Thai, Mexican, bar food, Greek, Indian, and plenty more. That means a lunch while stuck in the office isn’t a bad thing anymore. In fact, it’s much more productive. You don’t have to wait on hold anymore. You can order in just minutes and then get back to doing what you do best. Before you know it, your lunch will be there ready for you to eat and you can savor every minute of your break.


Here are a few great options for a speedier lunch:


Grub Hub


Door Dash



Now that you’ve taken care of saving time on what’s for lunch, save money on it too. Carrot is a free extension that you download and install which automatically applies a referral bonus when you sign up for a new service. What it does is let you eat more food for less without doing anything different. There’s no logging, waiting for refunds, shuffling coupons, or any of that. Simply install the extension, decide you’re hungry, use the website and get the referral bonus.


With Carrot, you get bonuses like $7 off or $20 credits plus other cool things too. They’re basically handing you free money just to order food from these food delivery apps. So treat your favorite coworker to lunch! Carrot makes it easier than ever to make money for nothing!