Starving? Here’s a list of popular Food Delivery Services.

Starving? Here’s a list of popular Food Delivery Services.

25 Oct 2018 Food 0

Technology isn’t just changing how we work or play. The little devices in our pockets and the screens on our desks are changing the way we eat our food.

Mobile orders are reducing wait times at popular coffee shops. Narrowing down selections of praised restaurants or top-rated venues in areas you’re traveling through has never been easier. And in a world where more people are regarding their time as priceless, food delivery services are freeing up valuable time with meals customers want delivered straight to their door.

Hungry? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular food delivery options.


GrubHub’s extensive collection of over 85,000 restaurants in more than 1,600 US cities (plus London) is more than enough to make an adventurous foodie’s mouth water. Its user-friendly platform is painless whether you’re food-shopping from your phone or laptop, and you can filter by hours open, customer reviews, discount deals and more. Your last order details are saved, too, so that your favorites and regular orders are easily accessible.


If you’re on the verge of being hangry, DoorDash’s meal couriers will have a tasty meal at your door in 45 minutes or less. With real-time tracking from thousands of restaurants across popular US cities, eating has never been easier. DoorDash has an effortless program that makes it easy for merchants and they’ve started to build Project DASH, which is aiming to mitigate food waste and hunger in local communities.


Munchery is an innovative company making master chef quality meals both accessible and affordable. Munchery’s menu changes every day, and if you order by the cutoff time, you can have a premium meal delivered to your door – all cooked in their own kitchens by excellent chefs. You can also choose to plan ahead and schedule your meals through the week. Each meal is chilled and delivered fresh to your door.


Craving Starbucks, Mcdonald’s, or a bottle of wine? How about a late night Baskin Robbins’ ice cream binge? Postmates shoppers will go to your favorite select restaurants and grocery stores and will bring food and beverages straight to you. It’s available in 100s of cities across the US, and for a $10/month fee, food delivery connoisseurs can enjoy free delivery with Postmates Unlimited. Postmates is even expanding to offer products from select stores such as Apple.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a meal plan delivery service where you can choose the frequency and what is delivered from a delectable assortment of selections. Blue Apron sets your table with neatly organized ingredients as well as a detailed instruction list for each meal. The point of Blue Apron is to make cooking at home fun and simple, reduce food waste, and save shoppers a trip to the grocery store.


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